In this modern era, having access to clean air is an important need. Many people have started considering HiTech Air Solutions’ Hi Tech Air Reactors in their objective of finding efficient air purification systems. Equipped with the capability to eliminate a wide variety of air quality issues, the Air Reactor has caught the attention of individuals who aim to cleanse the indoor air environment of their offices, homes, and facilities. But of course, one of the primary considerations of potential buyers would be the initial and ongoing costs of acquiring such a sophisticated system in one’s arsenal.

One’s Budget for One’s Space

Like the usual HVAC systems, the Air Reactor is designed to meet the required needs of your living or working spaces. Its initial cost would be determined primarily by the condition and size of the area that you intend to purify. It also considers the speed of the process. To determine the appropriate setup and model needed for your space, other factors need to be considered like the general air quality, presence of pollutants, and some specific needs like smoke elimination and allergy relief. 

The good thing is that we have Hi Teach Air representatives! Availing their personalized consultations will give you the chance to discuss with them your unique situations, options that you can consider, and outline the possible costs. This method is an excellent way to determine the system that is perfect for your space, goals, and budget!

Hitech Air Solutions Air Reactor model 101

The Cost of Maintenance

Fortunately, the maintenance of these devices is relatively cost-effective and straightforward, a good insurance that the acquired Hi Tech Air Reactors will be performing at their peak throughout their life. The periodic placement of air reactor pads and UVC bulbs is at the center of maintaining the Air Reactor system. The UVC bulbs are engineered to last up to a year. Thus, you only need to change it once a year. On the other hand, reactor pads typically need to be replaced every three to four years as they have longer lifespans. 


How about for spaces that permit smoking? To ensure optimal performance, further maintenance can be needed. Every ninety days, the Air Reactor’s lamps should be wiped with alcohol to ensure its peak effectiveness. 

Overall, the cost of maintaining the smooth running of this system is fairly low despite all the maintenance needs. It’s a good return with the comfort and health benefits it provides.

The Investment of a Lifetime

Investing in such a system is also an investment in one’s health and well-being with the good things it gives. Its capability to efficiently and actively hunt down bacteria, viruses, VOCs, mold spores, and smoke is a reflection of a cleaner and more comfortable space an individual will live or work in. Partnered with its ozone-free operation, making it an eco-friendly system, the Air Reactor is a proficient and ethical alternative for those who care about its impact to the environment. 

The cost of acquiring and keeping a Hi Tech Air Reactor truly varies depending on an individual’s needs and the size of the space. However, the benefits it brings is a worthwhile venture in this quest of finding efficient air purification systems. As it gives everyone a solution tailored to their needs, the system is a sound choice for people who want to improve indoor air quality. Purified air is within your reach with HiTech Air Solutions!


Investing in HiTech Air Solutions’ Hi Tech Air Reactors is not just about purchasing an air purification system; it is about committing to a healthier, cleaner living and working environment. While the initial and ongoing costs may vary depending on specific needs and space requirements, the benefits far outweigh the expenses. The Air Reactor’s ability to effectively eliminate a wide range of air quality issues ensures a significant improvement in indoor air quality, providing comfort, health benefits, and peace of mind. With straightforward and cost-effective maintenance, along with personalized consultations to tailor the system to your unique needs, the Hi Tech Air Reactor stands out as a valuable and eco-friendly choice. Embrace the opportunity to breathe cleaner air and invest in a solution that promises long-term returns in health and well-being. Purified air is within your reach with HiTech Air Solutions.



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