How Hitech Air Solutions Air Reactor Works


new cutting edge technology

Hitech Air Solutions Air Reactor model 110
Hitech Air Solution Model 110

The Hitech Air Reactor will create a SAFE environment by DESTROYING the following in your facility:

  • Virus
  • Bacteria
  • Odor
  • Mold
  • Herpes
  • Influenza
  • Ring Worm
  • Upper Respiratory Infections



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Boost Biosecurity: HiTech Air Reactor Eliminates Indoor Contaminants

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From a Medical Standpoint: The Endorsement of Air Reactors on Enhancing Indoor Air Quality

Hitech Air Solutions Air Reactor model 101
Hitech Air Solutions Model 101

The medical community is at the forefront of advocating for measures to combat the health risks posed by indoor air pollutants, such as mold, influenza, and upper respiratory infections. A significant part of this advocacy involves the recommendation of advanced air purification systems. Among the leading solutions in this field is Hitech Air Solutions’ “The Air Reactor,” distinguished by its ability to significantly improve indoor air quality and safeguard against these health risks.

The Superiority of “The Air Reactor” Technology

“The Air Reactor” by Hitech Air Solutions stands out for its innovative design and technology, which are tailored to address a wide array of airborne contaminants effectively. Without relying solely on traditional filtration methods, “The Air Reactor” employs a unique process that targets the pollutants directly, ensuring a comprehensive purification of indoor air. This system is especially effective in eliminating mold spores, a common yet hazardous indoor pollutant, thereby mitigating the risk of mold-related health complications. Enhancing indoor air quality in this manner not only aligns with public health and safety goals but also creates a cleaner, healthier living and working environment.

Health Impacts of Indoor Air Quality and the Role of Air Purification

The connection between indoor air quality and overall health is well-established, with poor air quality known to contribute to a variety of adverse health effects. These range from minor symptoms like coughing and throat irritation to more serious conditions such as respiratory infections and the exacerbation of asthma. By adopting advanced air purification technologies, individuals can significantly reduce their exposure to harmful airborne particles and create a safer, more hygienic indoor atmosphere. This proactive approach is crucial in minimizing the potential health issues related to air quality.

Embracing Advanced Air Purification as a Public Health Strategy

The endorsement of advanced air purification systems by healthcare professionals underscores the effectiveness of these technologies in improving indoor air quality. “The Air Reactor” by Hitech Air Solutions exemplifies the advancements in air purification technology, offering a powerful tool in the ongoing effort to protect against the dangers of mold, influenza, and upper respiratory infections. Integrating such systems into homes, offices, and other indoor spaces is a key measure in the broader public health initiative to enhance indoor air quality and prevent the associated health risks.

In conclusion, the medical community’s support for advanced air purification, as embodied by “The Air Reactor,” reflects the critical role these systems play in maintaining public health. By prioritizing the use of innovative air purification solutions, we can take a significant step forward in reducing the impact of indoor air pollutants and ensuring a healthier environment for all.


Clarence Robison

Hi, I am Clarence and this is my wife Janie we live in Oklahoma City. We’ve had Ray’s machine now for about two weeks and we have noticed a remarkable change in what our atmosphere is in the house as far as air quality. The dust level is down, I am breathing better, sleeping better at night, and it is just really nice to breathe good clean air for a change. I have had no headaches; before I would have headaches that sometimes they would last as long as a month so everything that just makes me happy because headaches are not very comfortable. I don’t have to dust like I used to have to dust; it has taken care a lot of the dust. I’ve had headaches too and I haven’t had any since we’ve had the machine.

VW Roberts

"Our daughter had been dealing with allergy issues her whole life. We had her house tested and found out that she had a mold issue. We purchased an Air Reactor and the change was immediate. She was able to breathe and sleep better. The Air Reactor was a great purchase."

Coleen Flickner

“After purchasing a Hi Tech Air Machine and running it in our house for a few months, my husband, who is very skeptical about most of these kinds of things commented one night as we were getting ready to go to sleep, "I sure do have to admit that the air in the house is cleaner and fresher smelling." He doesn’t say things like that unless there is a VERY NOTICEABLE difference!”